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Tavern Table - walnut $43.24
Sale: $25.94
Save: 40% off

Tavern Table - walnut

Reproduction of a typical tavern table from the middle century this table has one small drawer. The table measures 2 1/2 inches high x 3 1/4 inches...
Games Table oval - walnut $44.12
Sale: $26.47
Save: 40% off

Games Table oval - walnut

20th Century Regency Style inlaid card/game table with one drawer. Measures 2 3/8 inches x 3 1/8 inches x 2 inches and is available in a walnut finish
Burgundy Leather Bar Stool - mahogany $47.20
Sale: $28.32
Save: 40% off

Burgundy Leather Bar Stool - mahogany

The bar stool has a triangular shaped back with exposed timber frame. The bar stool measures 4 1/4 inches high x 2 1/8 inches wide x 1 7/8 inches...
Hepplewhite Bar Stool - walnut $58.68
Sale: $35.21
Save: 40% off

Hepplewhite Bar Stool - walnut

The back of the bar stool is an imitation of the Hepplewhite Oval back with a prince of Whales feather design. The legs are on the Marlborough...
Barstool - walnut $61.72
Sale: $37.03
Save: 40% off

Barstool - walnut

Bar Stool or High Chair Chippendale style 1725-1750 with the broader seat and wide cabriole legs. The carved winged rail forming the back of the...
Bar Stool Upholstered in Black Leather - walnut $62.00
Sale: $37.20
Save: 40% off

Bar Stool Upholstered in Black Leather - walnut

The upholstered back of the stool sits on a moulded rail and supported on spindles. The legs of the stool are hand carved with pad feet and the foot...
Round Bar - mahogany $74.08
Sale: $44.45
Save: 40% off

Round Bar - mahogany

The Interior of this semi circular (Demy Lune shaped) Bar is fitted with wine racks and shelves in the side cupboards. The bar measure 3 5/3 inches...
Drinks Table - walnut $79.08
Sale: $47.45
Save: 40% off

Drinks Table - walnut

Drink table with a simulated tray top, tent style legs and divisions separated with small turnings to accommodate glasses and drink bottles. The...
Tudor Liquor Cabinet - walnut $80.36
Sale: $48.22
Save: 40% off

Tudor Liquor Cabinet - walnut

Tudor style liquor cabinet. The top and bottom doors have a recessed linen fold design and a raised panel with a carved floral motif above and below...
Bar Cabinet - walnut $92.24
Sale: $55.34
Save: 40% off

Bar Cabinet - walnut

Low bar. Reproductions from an item furniture produced the reign of Napoleon 111. In this era the furniture designs were copied from various pieces...

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