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Tudor Collections

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16C Tudor Chest- walnut $98.10

16C Tudor Chest- walnut

The most common item of Tudor Furniture is the wooden chest. It served as a seat and table in addition to providing dry storage space .This joined...
16C Tudor Side Cabinet - walnut $107.12

16C Tudor Side Cabinet - walnut

Tudor Side cabinet. Half an octagon in shape the top has a concave moulding around all sides. The small panels have been decorated with roundel...
Bed of Ware - walnut $134.00

Bed of Ware - walnut

In 1463 a carpenter from Hertfordshire presented a unique bed to King Edward IV. It was magnificently crafted, large enough to sleep 12 people,...
Bedside Cabinet - walnut $44.36

Bedside Cabinet - walnut

Tudor style Bedside table or End table has one small drawer and a cupboard. The door of the cupboard is heavily carved. The top of the cabinet has a...
Carved Tudor Style wardrobe - walnut $60.60

Carved Tudor Style wardrobe - walnut

1870-1900 Wardrobe with stile feet and moulded cornice. The two panelled doors are carved with a Tudor rose design. The wardrobe measures 6 7/8...
Court Cabinet - walnut $68.66

Court Cabinet - walnut

This stunning reproduction of a circa 1600 court cupboard, period, Henry 8th to Elizabeth 1sts reign Measures 5 1/8 inches high x 4 1/2 inches wide...
Dressing Table -walnut $67.92

Dressing Table -walnut

Tudor style cupboard/dressing table with Adam and Eve carvings on the two doors to match the carvings on the headboard of the Bed of Ware. The...
Gothic Side Chair - walnut $77.56

Gothic Side Chair - walnut

The carved design on the back of the chair depicts a church window, the legs and front of seat are carved. The chair measures 4 1/2 inches high x 2...
Gothic Table - walnut $70.12

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Gothic Table - walnut

The carving on trestle styled table ends and the four arched centre supports are designs taken from church windows. The table measures 2 3/8 inches...
Hall Couch - walnut $68.16

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Hall Couch - walnut

Tudor Hall Couch featuring a high panelled carriage style back. The couch measures 2 5/8 inches high x 4 1/2 inches wide and is available in a walnut...

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