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Tudor Collections

Product Image Price- Item Name
Monks Bench - walnut $52.52

Monks Bench - walnut

A traditional monks bench with recessed panels on the back and front of the seat and open arms. The bench measures 4 inches high x 5 1/2 inches wide...
Tudor Arm Chair - walnut $89.94

Tudor Arm Chair - walnut

The back of the Wooden Arm Chair has a carved scene, the arm rests are chamfered and the arm supports and legs are turned. The Chair measures 3 3/8...
Tudor Bed stand - mahogany $48.94

Tudor Bed stand - mahogany

Designed as a Tudor bedside cabinet. This cabinet
Tudor Bookcase - walnut $61.76

Tudor Bookcase - walnut

Hand Crafted Tudor Style cabinet with traditional period leaded glass door in the top section and raised panel doors below. The cabinet measures 6...
Tudor Chaise Lounge - walnut $70.84

Tudor Chaise Lounge - walnut

Reproduction of Provincial Chaise Lounge 1670. The chaise Lounge measures 3 7/8 inches high x 5 inches wide x 2 inches deep it is finished in a...
Tudor Liquor Cabinet - walnut $80.36

Tudor Liquor Cabinet - walnut

Tudor style liquor cabinet. The top and bottom doors have a recessed linen fold design and a raised panel with a carved floral motif above and below...
Vanity Table - walnut $50.46

Vanity Table - walnut

Tudor style side table from the period 1600-1700. The one single drawer has been detailed to give the impression of two small drawers. The table...

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